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Did I make the right choice?

Growing up I was always awkward, still am. I notice everything, ask off the wall questions, did drama and football in school, lack confidence in my looks and so on. Anyways, I had always been on the outside of society. I never really fit in anywhere. Too smart, too jock, too random, don't drink, it's always something.

So a long time ago I decided to basically give society the bird. I stopped caring what people thought about me. Stopped caring about what people thought of my style. I felt like if people were going to judge me anyways then fuck it. I'll just do what I want to do and to hell with them.

Since then I've become cynical, cold and largely uncaring. Don't get me wrong. I still very much care about my family and the couple friends I have. I mean in general. I still laugh and joke and try to make my few friends laugh (and am largely successful at it). I'm not depressed but every now and then I wonder if I made the right choice to pull away from society. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Did I make the right choice?
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