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Why are a lot of older black women so bitter and childish?

Some 55 year old black woman and her friends started attacking me just because I said I was a virgin. This is what happened.

Some black girl was lik I'm so sick of men manipulating me but I like their cute face and dick. I call her stupid and tell her to keep her legs closed. All these black women would complain about their relationship issues and men.

They were like we don't want to date broke men. Why don't men spend their money on us?

I got attacked by several women because I said you can't treat a man liked an ATM. I don't blame men for being protective over their money with all this hot girl summer bs and trying to use men for money.

But two nice men came to help me because the older black women kept attacking, stalking, and harassing me because I disagreed with them.

These 55 yo ladies were like, we'd take your boyfriend and many 55 yo women can. Mind you, I'm 19! I can't make their stupid behavior up if I wanted too.

This is all because of defended black men and their dating beliefs and told them to stop making fun of black women who have dated white men.

They started calling me lesbian, talking about how they reached out to my ex boyfriend, etc.

I got so mad because I had been trying to ignore them I slandered all those old women.

I've had problems and disliked men before, but I've NEVER disliked men enough time be that bitter.

I can see why some men do the things they do.

It's always older black women attacking younger black women who are younger, prettier, or more innocent than them.

I get it from white women too, but never that amount of bs. I'm never mean to younger black women.

I told then they were all old, single, and childless because they're bitter and no man wants to deal with a 55 yo airhead.
Why are a lot of older black women so bitter and childish?
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