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What are your philosophies of life?

Big or small, doesn't have to be major or profound, just ideas you may have about how to live life.

This is Alan Kay, a professional survivalist. He won the first season of an American reality show where 10 survival experts live 'Alone' in nature, for as long as they can, and the last one to remain, to outlast the others (which they don't know at the time - they tap out as necessary, but without information about the others), wins $500,000.
This is not the 'Survivor' show with a host, and where contestants actively compete aggressively against each other. Here, there are no cameramen, crew, etc. The survivalists are deposited into a remote area (first it was Canadian West Coast, then Patagonia, and most recently the Arctic), and given video camera equipment. Part of the requirement is that they must film their activities, and show how they survive off the land. They are allowed 10 items/tools, each (they often choose knives, bows & arrows, fishing nets, etc.) It is a singular journey, not only to survive off the land, but also to be truly alone, with no human companionship whatsoever. The only other humans they interact with are occasionally the doctors who do random med checks to make sure they don't starve to death.
The first season was the best, by far. This is Alan. He is a fascinating person. A true philosopher at heart. His day job is as a Corrections Officer and he also takes inmates out into the wilderness to teach them survival and basic combat techniques. But you can tell, even from these short clips, that he could even be considered a pacifist. I could listen to him all day, his voice is so soothing, and his philosophies of life make me happy.
What are your philosophies of life?
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