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So how good are you in psychology?

I'm going to list a couple example of people suffering from behavioral and psychological disorders and you just name them.

40 year-old Andrew goes by different names for a certain period of time. During the time, he can be Sid, Anna, Paul, his child self again and several other people. He only remembers when he's Andrew again; his current self.

21 year-old Stacy experiences mood swings, is always afraid of being alone and gets too clingy in relationships, and tends to act so implusive and erratic at times. She tried to get the attention of her last boyfriend by holding a knife and saying she'll cut herself if he leaves.

16 year-old Karla somtimes seeks attention from strangers online by posting nude pictures of herself. Even though she's popular at school that's still not good enough. She likes being well known and can't live being ignored. She's similar to Regina from Mean girls movie.

32 year-old Thomas is serving a 10 year prison time for being a serial fraudster/scammer. He also lied to people about having cancer and earned money from donations. He cheated on all his gfs and previous wife and felt no guilt. As age 9, he put animals in a freezer for fun.

25 year-old Joanna has constant, recurrent nightmares about her friend's death. They were 12 year-olds at the time. Her friend gets raped and strangled to death by a Chinese-American. Now, she panics every time she encounters Asian guys and even develops deep distrust towards them.

30 year-old Marcus sometimes has trouble understanding social cues. If he's direct then he'll say it even if it hurts someone's feelings. Sometimes he likes elaborating concepts and using sophisticated words that people might not be interested in. Yet, he's an engineer with a very high IQ. As a kid, he used to repeat the same topic for an hour or so.

Lastly, 26 year-old must keep her house clean constantly. She also takes a bath 5-8 times a day. She's a germ freak to the point it's interfering in her social life and relationships.
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Just guess if you're not sure and I'll correct you if it's wrong.
So how good are you in psychology?
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