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Do you think stalking is as hard to prove as rape?

I watch a lot of Investigation Discovery and they air shows that use to be part of their line up. One that I watch a lot is Obsession: Dark Desire and it's basically about one person becoming obsessed with another. Could be someone they dated or a co-worker or even just someone that passed walking down the street, these people become extremely obsessed.

One thing that's a common running theme though is, when ever the harassment escalates to a extreme level and they go to the police they always say "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do. Unless they do harm to you, our hands are tied". I mean, that's very messed up. You could have a mountain of evidence but unless they come and attempt to kill you, there's nothing they can do? I think that's wrong.

That's why I titled the question the way I did because rape is a he said/ she said thing and unless there's a way to prove it, it's basically one persons word against another. Which is one of the many reasons much like stalking, no one believes the victim. Which is also wrong.

So, do you think stalking is as hard to prove or take police action against as rape is? And, do you think the rules for those crimes should be amended or changed in any way?
Do you think stalking is as hard to prove as rape?
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