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I hate that I didn’t get a high school experience. Is that pathetic?

I’m 23. My freshman and sophomore year, I went to a private and popular school that I LOVED. It was like my second home. I was in cheerleading, had amazing friends, got good grades, with a good crowd, a good child, never got into trouble and was genuinely happy.

My mom who was strict, told me I was starting at another private school, that was strict, religious, and extremely small (90 students K-12). It was like pulling teeth asking her to drive me to cheer at games. She simply preferred this school because my younger siblings attended it and it was more religious. A high school experience was nonexistent for high schoolers there. She wanted “better” for me, and it did the exact opposite. I was devastated, I had no friends, was not allowed to see my friends at my old school, wasn’t allowed to go to any games/social outings at my old school, etc. I went into depression, argued with my mom 24/7, food became my best friend, was getting bad grades, missed many days of school and gained 100 pounds junior/senior year. I remember crying seeing my friends having fun and I was stuck in my room.

Now, everyone at my old school STILL shares fun experiences and how they miss high school. I feel like everyone had closure with high school and I never got that. The funny thing is, I talk to no one at the school my mom transferred me to, and I’m still best friends with everyone that I went to high school with at first. Now I have food addiction, depression because of my weight and still isolate myself because of how obese I am. I didn’t give myself a college experience either because I’m ashamed of my weight. I know that if I stayed at my old school, I would be a completely different person today.
I hate that I didn’t get a high school experience. Is that pathetic?
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