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Was this a good reason to not hire her?

A job applicant shared her outrage on social media after a company she applied to shared one of her personal Instagram posts along with a "PSA" to future prospects.

Emily Clow, a 24-year-old from Austin, Texas, recently applied for a marketing coordinator internship at Kickass Masterminds, an Austin-based marketing company founded and primarily run by women.

Clow says shortly after filling out an online application, she was prompted to follow the company's Instagram account "for an advantage over other applicants." When she did so, she says she was shocked to find a photo of herself in a swimsuit on the company's story, along with a piece of unsolicited advice.

Since the exchange went viral, the company has been forced to take down its social accounts, podcast page and website "because of continued, numerous death threats and thousands of harassing messages," Kickass Masterminds CEO Sara Christensen said.
Was this a good reason to not hire her?
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Was this a good reason to not hire her?
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