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Emotionally loaded?

i feel so stuffed emotionally if that even a word ! I feel sad, angry , broken so many flashbacks of my younger self...
My dad was alcoholic & abusive.. he beat me for almost no reason. I was a big girl since day one.
He beat me up over the kitchen table for eating..." all you are good at is eating and pooping " " pig " " fat " "cow " "ugly" ... you name it ! Thats the tip of the iceberg!
Broke my bones more than 7 times including my shoulder...
Even after his death i still feel angry i can never forgive him because the way i was brought up by him was toxic.. i can't break free from the invisible chains he tide me with..
I don't know why im sharing this here now..
The conversation language is missing in our house i could never open up to mom.. nor sisters.. its so cold... and i don't have friends to talk to irl so... here i am...
Emotionally loaded?
Emotionally loaded?
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