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Well... that escalated quickly?

So I tried to create a tennis Meetup group to hang out with new people but instead, only five old people signed up and it's a fucking mess. I hate when old people try to do things that they can't like playing soccer or playing tennis and besides that two of them just don't even know how to fucking play tennis.
The people at my college are basically worthless with social things because they don't hang out and they don't do fun stuff. Apart from that they're jealous about grades and shit and I'm fucking tired of it.
I can't hang out with someone that just bitches out all day about numbers or letters that only makes sense inside a college. I tried going out at night to have a drink but here in my country people are very anti-social. Meaning that even there are groups of people going out they don't chat with new people on bars or pubs. I'm sure if I make another Meetup group will happen the same thing because the subject of the group doesn't matter only random people without knowing what's the truth about will sign up. So what the hell can I do to meet new people of my age besides doing something extra curricular because I don't have money to pay for it?
Well... that escalated quickly?
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