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I got hit by a car. Should I call the police?

About 15 minutes ago I was crossing the street across a highway (with sidewalks) in a large shopping area. The lights were all red except the one closest to the sidewalk I was walking to which had a turn signal. But it's raining and I was overtired and there were absolutely no cars I saw coming from that direction, so I just crossed. This car just SPED by and hit me as it sped (I'm not sure if the light changed at this point). It happened so suddenly. I was knocked to the ground. I shouted out. My wallet fell out of my pocket and into the street with me. And a shoe fell off.
I got up as quickly as possible to get out of the street. Then I got my wallet when I was sure it was safe. Then I walked away hyperventilating but I am somewhat calmed down now. My hip and leg (I fell on my right side) are slightly sore but I'm not seriously hurt. It was more like I was clipped by this speeding car while crossing the street and knocked to the ground by sheer force of this vehicle thousands of pounds heavier, engine-powered, dangerous.
I know I must be an idiot. I did a stupid thing, I'm not seriously hurt, I don't want drama, and I didn't get any plates or anything besides it was possibly a black sedan. But really I feel furious and shaken.
I got hit by a car. Should I call the police?
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