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Cats or dogs and why?

These are my pets. I have a tortoise but he's not an option in this question. (Sorry for crappy quality was editing then for fun)

Cats : Sheeba (orange) Minx (Black)
Dogs: Coco (black) Chief (husky)

Coco has 6 different breeds (rottweiler, wolf, lab, retriever, Pitt, unaware) she's very hyper and will jump on you. She's for most part very loving.

Cheif has wolf, he's very shy. He fears men (abused) he's very loving a d does no bite.

Minx, unawarenof breed. She's very sweet and never uses her claws on people. She will talk to you and want attention a lot. She will also chew on your hair

Sheeba, she's clearly a tabby. She reminds me of my tabby zimba when he was alive. She doesn't like to be handled but she loves attention
Cats or dogs and why?
Cats or dogs and why?
Cats or dogs and why?
Cats or dogs and why?
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Cats or dogs and why?
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