2 mo

Should I get her help?

My daughter has problems with guilt.
When she thinks she’s done something wrong she goes into a stage where she thinks about that certain thing & plays up in her head.
She said it’s a pressure headache which is really painful then goes away & comes back.
She has this thing with numbers. Eg my birthday is on 11th but not in November.
She felt like she said something mean to me on that day which she didn’t.
Now she’s crying, not doing anything & has forgotten the last few days cause she can’t remember what actually happened.
She won’t eat & now sleeps all day.
she's done this before but she’s got over it.
I don’t know if she will from this one, she can’t even be in the same room as me.
I've been trying to tell her she didn’t hurt my feelings but she said she still said it when she couldn’t even explain herself properly.
Do I need to take her to a doctor as my other relatives are starting to notice.
She is in her 20s.
2 mo
Thanks. I have been but she is scared they’ll put her away somewhere
Should I get her help?
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