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Why are people scared of rejection?

I have never actually went after a guy, in the past all the guys that were interested in me came after me and ask me out. Almost all of them, but one I actually had a relationship. Now I’m getting older and I’m tired of feeling like if I don’t actually go after a guy that I’m interested in I won’t ever find a potential mate and I will never get married. I feel like I haven’t met the right person yet or no one is for me. Or they won’t like me, but I have never met a guy that didn’t like me. I guess I’m scared of putting myself out their because I never had to. I guess this apart of growing up and being mature and stuff won’t be giving to you. Some people say to me if you really want something you will go get it. I don’t stand by that! I guess it takes time. I don’t think I’m scared of rejection I think it’s more than that. That meeting people than just never talking to them again and you told stuff to. I just hate opening up and getting to know people on a more deeper level if they are just going be temporary and leave out of my life. It not fair, but then again life isn’t either.
Why are people scared of rejection?
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