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Do you ever talk to strangers?

In public, I usually don't. The exceptions being in gun shows, or in airsoft, in those cases, I talk to them all the time. There was a girl I was curious about but she seemed a bit taken back by me, being uncertain about my intentions because granted, there are tryhards there who can give people a hard time, and with my big arsenal, and gear, it can make someone in her position being somewhat new a bit uncertain. However after I had to go to the hospital for coughing up blood again and was told that I couldn't play airsoft for a while because I can't perform vigorous physical activity with my PICC line in (they gave it to me in the hospital) I kept thinking about it and I wasn't allowed to leave my hospital room, so I was bored and messaged her. I didn't expect a response at all, just a block, but as you can see in the pictures, she not only responded, but she was really cool and engaged me in a conversation. This was really nice and I feel that I might have made an airsoft friend. Do you ever talk to strangers?
Do you ever talk to strangers?
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Do you ever talk to strangers?
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