Should I tell him how often I get ignored around him?

I usually date guys less attractive than me cuz I thought less attractive guys are nicer. I was wrong by the way

But now this guy I'm dating is same level, even sometimes more attractive than me if I'm not wearing makeup.

But OH MYYYY he and I will go to a restaurant or cafe and I'm straight up ignored by the female staff.
I've never nevvvveeerrr felt ignored before until I've started dating him.
For example the waitress came to take our order. She had her BACK to me. Gets his order and then JUST WALKS AWAY. To then say "oh yeah" and came back to take mine.

Another time, different restaurant, I'd asked a question of what kind of broth the soup was. She pretended my boyfriend asked and straight up GOT IN HIS BOOTH to "look" at his menu for the answer. Bitch, if the answer was on the menu id know. So she got out of the booth and asked the cook and came back. And looked my boyfriend in the eye and told him it was a bone broth. Like bitch I asked you. Not him.

And my boyfriend thinks he isn't attractive at all. And is self conscious of his appearance. But literally he is flirted with everywhere we go.

Like should I tell him all these girls flirt with him, even in front of me?
Should I tell him how often I get ignored around him?
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