I’m really freaked out and I need help?

I got a DM on Twitter asking if I wanted a sugar daddy. He gave me this story how he’s 2yrs divorced and he’ll give me $500 a week just for a pretty fotos i was skeptical But I send him a cute selfie. he said he needs my bank login info to transfer money. Again I was skeptical. he was begging so I finally reasoned thinking I literally have 0 dollars for him to take if it is a scam and I can change my login info. So i sent it expecting the worst. He said he would send 500. He sent over 2000 asking me to keep 500 for myself and send the rest to his “family” and send proof when I’m done. So he gives me a cashapp to send it to. He instructs me to send them 500 first then send Proof. It Was a middle eastern Indian name. He ends up asking me to do that for the same person 3x. I said If I send 2000 then where’s my cut? And he said he just double my cut next week. I told him he should have just sent me the 500 that he offered and nothing more. He is supposedly a middle aged white guy and he’s having me send money to some random indian guy whose “his family”. after the first 2 transfers they kept getting denied and I was getting calls from my bank. So he’s trying to get me to try and use Orher methods to send the remaining to this mystery person. Nothing was working. Then he stopped replying me I was scared but I forgot about it the rest of the day. at 2am I get woken up by a call from his number. I was scared to answer. So he's blowing up my phone. Earlier today he was scaring me so I changed all my account info. Now he’s texting and calling at 2am. I was scared So I blocked him. the money in my bank that was like 1200 I felt like he was trying to use me just to move money. Then at 7am I got blown up by a new number. He was threatening to go to the FBI and CIA for fraud. I blocked him again. Could I really get in trouble? since I never asked him for anything. He offered. And i complied with the foto he asked for. And he sent me more than he said he was going to.
I’m really freaked out and I need help?
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