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Why are people still stuck on what happened in the past?

People need to learn to move on and accept things like who cares if that happened ok you aren’t going fix anything if you are bitter and closed off. Learn to focus on now and stop carrying your baggage from the past. You aren’t living there anymore you aren’t living your best life if you can’t even get over her and move on. And truly move on or what happened in school or wherever. Let’s start living for today and today only. Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow as enough troubles. All we have is today, make the most of each day. Forgive one another, love people who are mean bc they need it the most. Go do something that is out of your comfort zone. Let’s start with today! More self love, more positive energy in work and in family’s and friends life. Be impactful be yourself and make it happen. Let’s be better people for ourself others and environment. Sorry I had to get things off my chest
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this was for getting over someone or something I didn’t mean to offend anyone.
Why are people still stuck on what happened in the past?
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