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Let’s play a new game, what HAVE you done? total up your points?

Smoked weed:$10
Popped pills (non prescription): $10
Went Streaking: $10
Skinny Dipped: $10
Had sex with 1 person: $10
Had sex with more than 5 people: $35
Been Arrested: $20
Gotten into a fist fight: $10
Wrecked a car: $20
Gotten drunk: $10
Egged someone’s house: $10
Played ding dong ditch: $5
Been suspended: $10
Been expelled: $20
Pulled a fire alarm: $20
T-P’d someone’s property: $10
Stolen something: $15
Gotten ticketed: $10
Drag Raced: $10
Committed a felony: $50
Graffitied something not yours: $15
Been kicked out of class: $10
Had a baby: $45
Gotten engaged: $20
Gotten married: $35
Moved in with a partner: $25
Traveled out of your country: $15
Sexted someone: $15
Sexted someone accidentally: $30
Dumped somebody: $5
Failed a test in school: $10

My results: I have $195
1 mo
Update!! More sexual things!
Made a sexual video with a partner: $30
Shared that video with someone besides your partner: $65
Been in a threesome: $20
Gotten/Given a blowjob while driving: $10
Done something sexual with someone else (not related to the activity) in the room: $15
Had sex in a public place: $25
Had to use emergency contraceptive: $10
Tried the pull-out method (with no other form of birth control): $10
Watched someone else have sex (more than just a glimpse): $10
1 mo
My new total is: $285... 😳😂
Let’s play a new game, what HAVE you done? total up your points?
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