I'm a mild-moderate sociopath, would you be able to handle that?

These are I'm tendencies but ironically I end up with guilt in the end (esp when I'm going too far) and don't want to do it:
- Used to torture small lizard (holding them against a burning lightbulb or cutting their tails) as a 7 year-old for curiosity or whenever I got bored
- Composite liar (will purposely elaborate versions and say things someone never said, causing two people to hate each other)
- Sometimes enjoy the drama over watching people hating each other and laughing about it
- I've trolled and lied online too; creating stories about accidents
- Sometimes proceed without guilt

However, I do end up crying and feeling some guilt if I'm going to far or realize the person I've caused hurt too is suffering. I just made my mother cried so much and in seeing her in so much pain, I ended up feeling guilt. I have the ability to fall in love too. I really do want to amend all the mess I've created over the years. I know I have a problem and probably need help.

Some of the traits of a sociopaths is found in me but if I'm feeling guilt right now and want to change, then I must not be a full sociopath. Or am I still one?
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1 y
My elaborted lied tend to happen whenever I have outburst or uncontrollable rages.
1 y
Those uncontrollable rages are usually whenever I'm carrying a deep resentment or was hurt in the past.
I'm a mild-moderate sociopath, would you be able to handle that?
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