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How do I manage my money and what bills do I pay with my check?

I am working part time on my online clothing store. I been looking for a full time job since January and no luck but I’m moving with mom March 1st to new city where it’s more places nearby. Last week I made $70 but using it to see boyfriend this Saturday. This week make $160 but owe someone $15 for food I bought the other day, and I will use $50 for more clothes to sell for my store but what I pay with other $100? I help dad with a job on weekend and get $50 weekly. With the $50 I get this weekend it’s to pay for my new business name, then next week pay $50 to the dm written test as I still don’t drive at 22, then week after that the $50 is for paying my phone bill for March. I can save $50 for food for that week but the other $50 do I use to pay a business event I want go to in March or business cards I need? With full time job I get March I plan to save, go out more, save for deposit & rent as we will move again in May to bigger home & for now staying in a room for rent from March. I also want save for my used car and save for myself as I had savings from college check and want re-save that: I also need $20 for new poily mailers to send out my stuff & ran out of makeup & my eyebrows are getting hairy and need wax. I need help.
How do I manage my money and what bills do I pay with my check?
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