Short girls? Tall girls?

I'm 5'3' which is 160cm, I am always pressured by my mother to grow taller because "Guys dont like short girls" and that "Tall girl's look better in outfits" and "A girl looks better when she is tall" i get forced to wear heels that are so tall i have difficulties walking wearing them because "i'll look better if i am taller", I do not believe I'll grow any taller than this because my mother is short and i take after her... perhaps 165 or even 163cm is probably the height I'll be IF i grew taller. I'm really short and on top of that I get mistaken for a middle schooler and sometimes a 6th grader. You might be thinking who cares if you are short or tall and i side you with that, but hearing what my friends says and the society around me seems to prefer tall girls and that i "Don't look good" because im 160." So to really see if my friends are right with the "Guys dont like short girls" theory I'd like to ask you GUYS I'm 160 do you hate that? And I'm not saying 165 short kinda thing no my whole point is a 160 girl do you hate that?
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Short girls? Tall girls?
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