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Can someone cheer me up?

So hubby is at work and I’m stuck at home not working cause ya know corona and all. Good news is my business will be fine/I got money for now and we’ll be busier than ever when we open back up. Bad news is my moral is really low today. His cousin has asked me twice if I can groom their dog from home. I had to say no again. I just don’t have a way to from home. It’s not an easy arrangement especially since it’s a doodle puppy I’ve never even met. I would need help and a place do dry and somewhere not carpet to groom her. They take a long time and all my equipment is at work. And I have 3 dogs at home and don’t know this dog. Anyways I’m super upset people keep asking me and I’m super bored and feel guilty staying home. My overall moral is just really low. Had a good birthday yesterday but now it’s over and I want to glutton on some cheesecake 😭😭😭😭 It’s 9 am and I’m sitting here wishing hubby was home for some cuddles.

Basically I feel like crap 😭😭😭
Can someone cheer me up?
Can someone cheer me up?
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