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Should I move out at 22 years old?

I want move out in 2 months, mom wanted rent a home in very far city where married brother lives as rent is cheap there, she ends up not renting any home n we r living at married brothers home. All my doctor appointments, dmv, & job appointments r all extremely far. My brother yells at me because I have all week in room trying finish up my online classes that are finals, I have a small business & they get angry I’m in my office room all day. I do come out n we all eat together etc but I feel very sad. I’ll be 23 & my boyfriend is far & in city I used to live in everything is close, I get my inventory for my clothing store there, go to business events. Here I feel trapped. I’m not little girl. Whole life since I was 13 I spent weekends with brotehr and then girlfriend now wife and went to ALL his family parties. This year I need be with my man at his family parties n events. I’m an adult & there is nothing for me here to do I shudnt be here with my brother and his wife I need my own life. I’m sick in stomach pain in bed & brotehr comes and yells at me and always humiliates me. He wants me say hi to his wife’s family if I see them daily & if I’m in paid how I’m Guna come say hi in bad mood in pain! I’m sick! They are in their own world and I have my life too.
Should I move out at 22 years old?
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