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What are some things you learned or that God has taught you?

In my job:
- I learned God will give me all that I need to do his will when He wants me to do it - I had back pain before getting my job and it would start with just 1-3 hours of standing but during my on I was on my feet for 30 - 40 hours a week with no back pain whatsoever - I believe its because God wanted me to work so He got rid of the obstacles which would stop me from working

In School
- I came up with a strategy of thinking outside the box and being creative by breaking regularities in how I approached and came up with solutions - I learned to draw conclusions and resolutions to dilemmas I was facing by doing culturally sensitive observation in the situation I was in and this helped me with my job - I also learned to pursue service and personal excellence without basing my self worth or personal identity on the work and achievements I was doing

In Religion
- I learned to keep a low profile and that it was better to worship privately than it was to have thousands of books or lectures for others while being empty inside - I also learned modesty and humility

In Diet and Exercise
- I learned that your body will tell you what is good and bad for you and you should follow your instincts to succeed and be healthy

In Family
- I learned not to accept advice from wicked people - even if they are family and you have to fight to resist their words - I also learned not to wish for the damnation of even your worst and most hateful enemies because the suffering they will endure exceeds the suffering they put you through
What are some things you learned or that God has taught you?
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