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Why are Autistic people stubborn is that something that is a trait?

I have been chatting to this woman online her profile doesn't state she is autistic but she emulates traits a college friend of mine had and he is austic himself. She got really defensive when I asked her who her fave celebrities were and told me that was a stupid question and she wasn't into all that. Then she posted a video of herself cuddling with her pet Guinea Pig like she was a 12 year old. She is actualy 36 even though I never asked her for that. She then decided to say I didn't like her because I was asking her fun harmless questions. Now I have nothing against people who are autistic but is being stubborn a natural trait? My old college friend used to say he liked star wars but then when you try and talk to him about other Sci Fi or super hero films like Spiderman etc, he would say he either hasn't seen it or it is lame. Then he would say stuff like I don't watch 15 or 18 rated films. Then you see a Facebook post where he has posted that he just watched South Park the movie etc Then rest of the films he posts about are like PG or 12A films. I don't hate on the guy as I was greatful for his friendship in college etc and still see what he is up to on Facebook. Just curious to know how I can say to this women without offending her if she has autism or not and is being stubborn a trait of it?
Why are Autistic people stubborn is that something that is a trait?
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