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Does your place of residence have a nickname?

While living in the Philippines, some of my friends started calling me 'Queen Bee' & 'Queen Dee' which became a trend among friends. Later on, they started referring to my home as 'The Hive' which grew on me.

Now that I'm back in California, all those monikers have soon returned as if I'm back in the Philippines again. This time, it's our non-Filipino friends who are calling me 'Queen Bee' and our home as 'The Hive' which actually makes me feel embarrassed. I kinda feel like Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Mansion. Actually, on a side note, my husband hopes to think he's the new, low-profile Hugh Hefner. Lol.

I still have my beachfront property in the Philippines. As soon as I feel safe about long-haul travels, I'll check up on my old residence. I miss my old home.

Whether it be a room, an apartment, a condo, townhouse, trailer, camper or house, have you experienced this too? Has your place been given a nickname as well?
Yes, I do. I'll name it below.
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No, I don't even if my place is my own.
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Nope. I'm homeless.
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Does your place of residence have a nickname?
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