Why is it that when natural disasters happen in America, no other country seems to care?

However, when anything else bad ever happens to other countries, the U.S. busts ass to make it right. I know other countries don't really respect America and its citizens that much, but when does decency come into play for us?

So when other countries send thing to in fact help us, why does the media keep that information off of the air?


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  • I'm American, but I don't have much national pride at all. One reason could because of the mentality and reputation our nation holds. We are seen as greedy, and like the other guy said, arrogant. There are countries out there that help us, but for the ones that don't, I don't blame them. If you really look at our government, society and culture, and our twisted history, I find many reasons to not give money to the nation. However, when innocent lives are at stake you must rethink the argument I presented. People first, pride second.


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  • Typical...

    The US has the LOWEST per capita foreign aid budget in the world, yet you think America busts its ass to help foreign nations in times of crisis.

    This is a typical misconception in America. And when you ask people what should be cut in the budget, it's amazing how often Foreign Aid is listed, when it's already the lowest per capita in the world.

    Other countries frequently do help the USA, but that doesn't sit well with the meme of "We're number one!" which your media constantly shoves down your throat.

    So naturally, you're not aware of it.

  • we depend on those countries to make stuff for us and to let us have military bases there so keeping the in decent condition and having the government some what pro usa gives us a large mobile network in the world that way we can have an empire without the costly usual upkeep of that portion of the empire effectively costing us less over time and keeping our main portions standard of living up its simple economics

  • what is happening over there?

    Don't you guys have money for it?

    Germany doesn't receive any help either

    • A series of tornadoes just rocked some of the southern states; 200+ people died.

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    • I mean seriously, if you actually read that page you'll notice that the american government saw that 800 million that was donated, and only used 40 million. It's not foreign governments, it's your own. They're the ones who didn't accept the help. Ask yourself why? Was it pride? What?

    • It's because that doesn't gibe with the universal message that America is number one at everything.

      If they started admitting they needed help, they might have to actually admit they're not number one at everything. And then, Republicans heads would explode for starters...who knows where it would end?


  • Maybe it's because you seem like you can take care of yourselves? I don't know.

  • When something bad happens to Americans I get a warm feeling inside me,similar to the one I get when I see those arrogant popular kids get beat up.

    • Well...what about the citizens...not our government or our rich peole, but common citizens getting hurt?

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    • Where are you from?...just the continent...

    • Europe

  • They do for the bigger disasters link

    • I didn't mean to make that sound like I was down playing the recent storms.

    • We had to ask though...no one ever just gives.

    • Yeah, that's true. I'm sure we didn't have to ask all of them, though. I guess its because the U.S has such a large economy. It is about three times larger than the second placed economy (China). Maybe they think the U.S can take care of itself for the most part.

      Oh and I remember that they did mention some of the donations that countries were offering on the news after Katrina. It just wasn't a main concern at the time and didn't get a lot of coverage.

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  • other countries care, it's jsut not publicized as much. when america helps out places, that makes it in the news widely because that makes AMERICA look good. when other countries help us out, the media doesn't care

  • i agree :)