1 mo

What makes you, you?

I feel like what makes me really me is a combination of soo many things: my character traits (positive and negative), my looks, my hobbies, my weird habits, my likes and dislikes, my values, my clothing style and many other things. None of these things is special individually, but together they make a person like no other❤

Soo what makes me me?
My energy which sometimes seems like a bottemless pit, my endless talks, my inability to be satisfied with anything I do (or say), my love for books, my desire to learn new things, my curly hair, my love for desserts, my impatience, my hate for my weight, my colorfull, flowery clothing style, my intense hate for inequality, my love for anything that gives me an adrenaline rush... and I could go on and on and on (but I won't, cause that would be annoying😂)

What is your view on this? What makes you you?
What makes you, you?
What makes you, you?
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