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Wondering in actuality going forward in this?

So I'm going to turn 18 in November right and I want to move to California. My mom doesn't care and my dad well I don't know him... So I've known this guy and I've talked to him about moving out to Cali (I live in Chicago) and he's said he'd come so I won't be alone out there but like it's just I don't want to commit to anything with him he's just my "fuck buddy" so I'm trying to see what you guys think should I take him with me or just up and leave... at the end of the day I don't want to hurt his feelings but I just don't want to be held down when there's gonna be literally I don't know how to say it like men that I'd be willing to fuck and I just don't feel comfortable leading him on and making him leave everything he's ever known. When I leave no one's going to miss me but him he got friends and family here and I don't want to pull him away from that so I'm looking for reassurance that I'm doing the right thing in leaving him behind.
Wondering in actuality going forward in this?
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