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If he is in a “program” to keep out of jail what could he have done?

Hi guys, I am interested in this guy, he is a customer at my grocery store and he comes weekly. I have only talked to him like twice or three times, but I can tell he’s interested in me. One of my coworkers talked to him saying I’m interested and he should ask me out and he said that he can’t until September because he is in a Christian program where he can’t date. I guess the program is to keep him from being in jail. I don’t want to ask him right now what he did because really it’s none of my business to ask him. I can’t help but wonder what types of crimes or criminal activities can result in being in a Christian program. Do you guys have any ideas on what he could’ve done? I just wanna make sure I get the right idea before I get into a possible relationship. Like could rape/assault result in this? Or something as minor as DUI or marijuana possession? I’m kind of worried because I don’t want to date someone who could go to jail for rape or assault or something along those lines. My question is what type of crimes result in being involved in a program? Just wondering thanks!
If he is in a “program” to keep out of jail what could he have done?
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