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The night that I wish to forget?

I was 18, I went out with this boy I knew for several years in fact my friend introduced me to him, he was a year older so we decided to go out when I was in college. In fact I told him beforehand that if we were to stay together I would like to stay alone in his room and he would sleep in the hall which he agreed to. I also told him I wasn't interested in him but he was stubborn and continued hitting on me. After a few drinks the alcohol was getting to me, I dont remember much but I know I was kissing and flirting with him only because I was under the influence of alcohol. We went back to his place I was pretty sober, as I wanted to change he barged into the door pushed me onto the bed, clasped my hands on the bed and started kissing me. I tried pushing him away but he grip was too strong. That was when I realized I had no way out of here. If I broke free where would I go? I didn't know anyone there. If I continued pushing him away, I was afraid that he might hurt me. So for the entire night I gave him what he wanted. I tried to be on his good side. The next morning, I woke up with "hickeys" they looked more like bruises, and a cigarette burn on my shoulder. He asked me to date him but I didn't tell him anything until we reached the train station where I rejected him. He got angry and left me and that was when I felt relieved. The worst part of this whole thing was, I lied to my friends saying that It was a fun night. I couldn't say anything to my family, if they caught me drinking they would kill me, even more going out with a boy who they dont know. I still held my tongue till now about this situation. It's funny how people say if u got sexually assaulted go tell the police, or go talk to your family about it. It's not that easy to open up about things like this. Cause no matter people are gonna judge you and say "who told you to go out with him". "Well you asked for it" that's why I'm here, cowardly telling my story to strangers for the sake of my mental health.
The night that I wish to forget?
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