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What and how much and how often should an orphaned kitten eat?

I found a kitten on the road near my house, we have tons of stray cats where I live. There is no institution to take care of the problem. None are neutered and they breed all the time. So I took it home, the poor thing breathed through it's mouth only, so I got some damp toilet paper and wiped off the crust that had formed over the nose and the puss in the eye. It was already wet because it rained today, so I dried it. Now logically, milk popped up in my mind but I normally, looked up the internet on what to feed it. Turns out, cow's milk is not good for cats. The neighbors had cats when I was a kid, and they had kittens every year, and I remember that they fed them cow's milk until they were old enough for solid food. I don't understand the article, because I remember that the kittens were always fine and lived long, while the article said it will most definitely make them sick. I looked up another article, it said cow's milk should be avoided, but if without options, you can give it to them. It recommended some cat milk replacement or goat milk if other animal milk was to be used. I live in the mountains, and there is no vet, a pet store anywhere nearby, an institution where I can leave it. I can't take it to a vet, I can't get the necessary food, and I can't find goat milk in the store. So I got some cow's milk and a syringe and I fed it 18ml of milk. It's not throwing it up, but it's really weak. But I noticed it moves a bit after the second feeding whereas it didn't move at all before. Also I don't know how old it is, it's eyes aren't open, but it's bigger than my palm, so maybe it's too weak to open them, rather than too young, but I could be wrong. There's nobody to feed it while I'm at work, but I have an hour long break, and work close to home, so I always walk home to eat, so If I feed it before I go to work, during the break and after will that be enough? I really hope it survives, because that's the best I can do. My other option is throwing it away.
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Thank you everyone, but unfortunately, the kitten didn't make it through the night. I fed it late last night, and woke up early today to feed it again, but it was dead when I checked up on it in the morning. I tried to move it but it's body was already solidified, so I guess it died soon after I last fed it. Again, thank you.
What and how much and how often should an orphaned kitten eat?
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