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I can't tune things out whats wrong with me?

Okay for starters I've got no clue what this is.. autism, paranoia, social anxiety, adhd etc.. whatever it is, its freeking annoying!. Let me keep it short. With anything, I cannot tune it out, I hear all, I see all, it doesn't go away. I can't handle background noise or people talking well I'm trying to focus. I can't read a book when there's chatter. I can't even think at all which is why I end up talking out loud. Everything goes haywire in my mind, and I have this intense curiousity.

For instance, when people are talking around me, I hear each little thing they say, the tone, the way it was said, I notice their bodylanguage, their expression, I worry about their feelings, their thoughts. And that stops me from thinking in my own space, its like I can't hear my self think, I can't hear anything but their conversation. When I'm trying to focus on a sac in class, all I can hear is the subtle clattering of the table, or the birds outside. My mum can tune things out, anyone can, she will stare off into space and be out of the world in her mind. But I can't do that, I can zone out, but its usually because I'm listening to some noise outside or busy observing some detail. Tf is going on, what is this? maybe I'm just a really nosy annoying people, that needs to know whats going on with others or will perish?
I can't tune things out whats wrong with me?
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