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What type of drunk are you?

Here are the different types of drunks.

1. The Happy Drunk
These are ridiculously in a good mood. They will laugh at everything, dance whenever they get the chance, and generally act like they are having the greatest night of their life.

2. The sloppy drunk
These will fall allover the place and you will end up having to carry them around all night.

3. The sentimental drunk.
These spend the night telling everyone how much they love you, reminiscing about old times, both real and imagined, and sometimes crying because you don't hangout enough anymore like in the old days.

4. The violent drunk.
These ones are suspicious by nature and sometimes mischievous. They spend the whole night positive that people are talking shit about them, and will get into a fight over something like some dude looking at them funnily or smiling.

5. The Touchy-feely drunk.
These are inappropriate when they're drunk with lascivious comments and half attempted gropes, grinding against a complete stranger no matter how inappropriate or unwanted their intentions are.

6. The philosophical drunk.
You know this kind of drunk: three hours into the party, while most people are trying successfully or unsuccessful to attract the opposite sex, the philosophical drunk will be found discussing the big topics such as life, death, their favorite meal at the Olive Garden.

7. The infantile drunk
With each drink, they get progressively child like. Their inner dancer gets unleashed after a few drinks and you get your own private dance concert. Chances are, he will be grinding against a door frame with a look of bliss or sliding down the Bannister.

8. The naked drunk
These will spend some time of the night shirtless and at some stage remove all.

9. Broken drunk
These ones will be sobbing because they have been dumped or had a crappy day at work.

10. The professional drunk
No matter how many bottles of liquor he has had, he just won't flinch. Certainly they are their own kind as they have no symptoms.
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
What type of drunk are you?
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