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Are you sweet or mean to transsexual women?

When I was 14 I was sad one time because people were super mean to me even my mommy and an older trans woman told me that for every meanie there’s 10 sweeties and that made me happy! But sometimes it’s hard for me to believe sometimes it feels like for every sweetie there’s 10 meanies. 😭

my feelings matter but people always have fun hurting my feelings and I never understood why. My heart constantly hurts every day and all I want is for it to stop. I don’t have many reasons to smile hopefully this poll will give me a big reason to smile and help my heart hurt less! 🤗
I’m a sweetie! 🤗
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I’m a meanie 😢
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22 d
Wow I never expected 92% of people to be sweeties!! That woman from my childhood was right!! I would’ve been happy if it was 70% but 92%? YAY!!! This gave me a SUPER HUGE reason to smile!!!
Are you sweet or mean to transsexual women?
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