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Why are people like this I don’t get this ?

I really don’t want to talk to anyone anymore I got pretty decent with being happy alone I just don’t want to talk to any guys or females. unless they helping me get money or sex if I get nothing out of it then f•ck them fr its no point why do girls keep doing this. I’m not trying to rush any relationship I just don’t have time for this anymore if you don’t mess with me than leave me tf alone. Some people feel some type of way about this and everybody wants to friends I hate this like a school or college we’re everybody knows each other but I never get the girls because of my own mistakes. and always never fit in with guys wanting to be me and my friends vs the world I guess I think some are out to get me wen reality aren’t even worried about me at all also my fault.
Why are people like this I don’t get this ?
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