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Why is my friend being like this?

So a couple of friends of mine went on a beach trip and this one particular friend rode with me. I like to workout and eat healthy, I know my friend doesn’t really do any of that. Her lifestyle is different than mine I would say. In High school we were really fit because we did sports together, but know she gained a lot of weight. She has told me she going to start getting back into the sports she used to play. Also, how she going to workout wish she does I think. Anyways, on our beach trip I was telling everyone that I recently got out of my surgery that I had on my knee. That I feel weak and I can’t wait to go back to the gym to get strong. Also, I said the passed 2 weeks I been eating bad. She was like you look fine, why are you always obsessed with working out. I said said I like improving myself and feeling healthy. Why? What’s wrong with that? Also back in high school she was always so competitive she always wanted to be better than me. I feel like she feels insecure when I wear certain stuff at the beach. I could tell, but she didn’t say it. It’s almost like she doesn’t want me to be a better person and improve myself. When I do workout with her or try to help her she thinks she knows everything. Sometimes I feel like she makes me feel bad. She been my friend for a long time we go to different colleges it’s our last year. If she is jealous of me then why? She can easily get in shape and go back to the sports we play. How can I help someone that’s not willing to help themselves.
Why is my friend being like this?
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