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Was I too harsh?

I was following this person on here. And she was annoying as fuck!!! Like litterly annoying!! She was asking the same question over and over and over again! It was about her ex who broke up with her. And they, kept sleeping together. And then him calling her a whore. And then him finding someone else but, still sleeping with her. And telling her to move on. And she not knowing what he means. Like literally the same question everyday!! Sometimes 4 times a day. And she would add my name every single time. So I, blocked her for like a month. Unblocked her and she tried to add me back. And I, pretty much told her, (in a message) I do not want to follow you. I, don't want you to follow me. You ask the same damn question everyday. And some times it's to hard to follow. He broke up with you. He doesn't like you. He doesn't love you. Get it through your head!!

The good thing is, she blocked me. But my now ex girlfriend said I, was being a ass hole. What do you guy's think?
Was I too harsh?
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