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Natural or False?

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Whilst having a chat with a close girlfriend of mine last evening, she mentioned that she's seriously thinking of having a breast reduction done but is wondering whether afterwards they would be considered as still being natural or false.
Now as many of you already know two years ago I had a reduction done myself and have never for one moment thought of them being anything other than natural, but now I'm not so sure.
After all I've had nothing put into my breasts, I've only had a lot of fat, tissue and skin removed, and my aerolas/nipples repositioned, nothing more, nothing less.
So purely out of curiosity I thought I would throw this open to the forum in general, but would certainly be more interested in reading the guy's perspective on this.
Just in case you don't have the time or wish to comment, I have made a poll.
Thank you, and please do take care and stay safe.
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Natural or False?
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