What can I do about everything?

My uncle was the reason why I've been happy, he's why I like horror movies and scary things, the reason I play games we used to play together. I couldn't imagine why this would ever be something he was ok with. He was always caring about other before him. So, last night I come into the kitchen and my said "don't freak out" I was obviously scared, because why wouldn't I be after being told that? Then she said that my uncle had just passed away. I was like thinking she was playing with me. I quickly knew she wasn't, and started crying and laughing, I have no idea why. I felt like an asshole for laughing, but I couldn't help it and I don't know why I did it. I love him and can't believe it actually happened. So, he's overdosed on drugs before and his life was saved last minute, but this time he wasn't so lucky. He had just turned 30, and now is no longer here sadly. He left behind his girlfriend, a baby, and a heartbroken family. My mom said when we go I can't be laughing, what can I do about that? And how can I deal with this?
What can I do about everything?
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