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Could I be a hippie?

i for some reason wanna be a hippie, but not sure if i was born with the right personality to be one, i dont really understand their ways of thinking and how their minds works: for example wanting to make the environment good, i dont give a shit about the environment, i also don’t understand their love of nature, and im not really into acid rock either, i like hiphop

but there is a few things of hippies i relate to; for example; i have a very laidback and friendly way, i always keep my cool and stay calmn unless its something really really annoying, i like being peaceful and peacefulness, when people argue and fight it annoys me and wish everyone would jus be peaceful like me

i also kinda like their fashion too of bright colourful clothes, i sometimes dress like that jus cos it gives off positive vibes and im a happy person, except i dont want or like long hair

i also like to use their slang of “dude” and “wicked” and “awesome”. “man”

so, could i be a hippie jus having the traits of a hippie i already have? or is not enough?
can i be a hiphop loving hippie?
Could I be a hippie?
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