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What's the worst insult you've received?

I once overheard my Nonna calling myself and my siblings mutts when I was around 12ish. She's never been a fan of my dad because he's half black and half Puerto Rican. She's 1000% typical racist Italian. I remember my mom yelling at her after she called us mutts and making us leave. They didn't speak again for years until my Poppy forced them to. The funny thing is, by definition, my mom is a mutt because my Poppy (my moms dad) is from Ireland. He didn't even move here until he was 18. And he loves my dad.

It used to bug me that my Nonna looked down on us. Especially my dad because he's my hero. It doesn't bother him much though. And he's always told us to be proud of all parts of who we are no matter what anyone says.

So now that my Ted talk is done, what's the worst insult you've gotten?
What's the worst insult you've received?
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