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Why am I so angry my sister is jealous of me?

I’m pissed off because my sister is jealous of my looks. Long story short I grew up being the fat kid and in my early 20s I lost all the weight and a lot of men Started liking me. After this my sister turned into the fucking devil. It’s like she’s a different person. She picks fights with me every time I see her in person, tried to physically fight me, gets defensive even if I make a little joke, she won’t go ANYWHERE with me in public. It’s like she has a demon in her. She won’t even look me in the face or eyes. I hate her for treating me like this and I’m hurt and angry because when I was fat I was the best sister ever to her and I could do no wrong. I believe her husband has commented on my looks saying I’m pretty which has made her sick with jealousy. By the way her husband also hates me like her. I don’t know what to think or do. My parents try to force us together and I tell them she treats me like shit and I hate being around her because she acts like I’m a woman off the streets she wants to fight.
Why am I so angry my sister is jealous of me?
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