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Should I send my Christmas tree back?

Now I know it maybe to early to start setting up the tree but I was wondering how the texture of the tree was. Today it was deliver to my home and once I open the box I started to put the Christmas tree together. Mind you before I buy a product I take the time to read the reviews from other people that had bought the item before no complaints from other people so, I went ahead and bought the tree. Weird once I put the tree to together the bottom was beautiful and puffy but the top of the tree was very extremely slim to give you an example the top of the tree looks like the grinch's Christmas tree it just looks awful. Fist thing I tough the put the wrong size for the top. I called customer service and spend nearly 3 hours they had me bouncing from one department to another at the end the customer service lady ended up telling me that it was a mistake that the put the wrong top and they can not send me another top. I had to send back the whole entire tree. People told me not to send it back that I can just buy extra greenery to fill it up. That top looks very awful.
Should I send my Christmas tree back?
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