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Any tips on how to survive No Nut November?

So basically I wanted to try out NNN since I've never really thought of it as nothing more than a funny trend on the internet. 1st week was very tolerable since work was occupying my time. I did notice that my girlfriend was thinking that something was wrong with me since I haven't made advances towards her and even not accepting her advances towards me. I told her about NNN and she just laughed. Days passed and the thought of release is really starting to look up. But I want to win this thing just to get that feeling of achieving something. So those people who've tried NNN and succeeded or failed, tell me how you lasted and the strategies you used. Because now my mind is all over the place and I want to pounce and bone my girlfriend and fail this miserably.

P. S. i heard that some women also participate and I'm kind of curious how you wonderful people went with it
Any tips on how to survive No Nut November?
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