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I don’t feel motivated no more , any advice?

I feel like no one pays attention to me anymore. Emotionally I don’t care about my family aren’t like that but physically wise yea. As a kid I was always be little by my parents , siblings , cousin and I guess that’s because I don’t know im the youngest. I come from a different area then teens. I don’t act like teens my age I want to grow up I have common sense , I prefer smaller groups , I don’t care about anything but people who have loyalty and my future ofc. As I got older no one payed attention to me everyone’s moved on I’m the last kid left. I wanted to do a small business , and debit card to motivate me but : ) ofc it’s just ignored. All I remember is being in the house all my life never doing sports or never courage other then do good in school. 2 years ago met my bsf alwuas at her house n all until I had a environmental change no kids acted like me. They all have fun in a different way then me. Well it feels like I’m jus given up. Idc about working out or it’s not possible to make money for me I need it but ofc we all have our struggles I just hate it here I wish I can go back to my other state. I’m just weak.. corrupted by my family
I don’t feel motivated no more , any advice?
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