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“Racist” - who cares?

I recently attended a hobby group.

I’m white, and 10% of those attending were women of colour. Everyone else was white.

A white guy attended, and mocked one of the women’s oriental accents - and was intermittently aggressive/ abusive towards the other women of colour.

He was pleasant to the young white girls there.

I mentioned his mocking the Oriental accent in a group chat the next day.

The Oriental woman then complained about his conduct, and suggested he should be removed from the group to avoid others experiencing “racist behaviour”?

The group organiser hadn’t witnessed this, and, the oriental girl asked me to confirm that I witnessed this. I refused and advised her that this is wasting my time, as it happened several weeks ago, probably wasn’t racially motivated - and who cares?
I also feel that the white guy should be given a chance to defend himself. I feel my privacy has been invaded, by the oriented girls asking me to get involved, And I’ve actually since advise the organiser that I probably didn’t see anything, and sending the two texts has taken up a significant amount of my time and seriously invaded my privacy. Just wondering if any of you experienced something annoying like this, and I assume you relate?
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For those of you asking if I’m in troll, I can confirm that I’m not.

NB: I had initially forgotten that I’d sent the text, that said that the white guy mocked Oriental accents.

I honestly didn’t remember sending it. The oriental girl then sent a screen grab of the text to everyone -, and I feel that this is a breach of my privacy, and I shouldn’t be forced to get involved in a situation like this. She should’ve asked my consent before moving forward with any of this.
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I feel that I’m being unfairly judged, because people are not reading the question carefully (and the subsequent updates). I asked you to carefully review the information I’ve written about the black women involved - and make sure that you take this into account when answering the question.
I feel that this would be fair to everyone involved in the situation, to take into account.
“Racist” - who cares?
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