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Full Lock Down - For or Against?

I'm against full lock down.

1) China when they locked down at the initial outbreak it was, due to how extensive their exporting, etc. is around the world, a bleep in the monitor. The economy in most European (/American) countries simply can not survive a full lock down for long. It's insane to think otherwise & anyone who does think it can is either mommy&daddy pay for everything sheltered so I've no idea how the real world works or stupid to a degree they're nearly brain damaged.

2) This is a virus. Anyone who has passed high school has a basic understanding of how viruses work. If you don't there's always google. Isolating oneself from communal diseases is exactly why when Europeans first migrated to North America (and other countries) the locals died in the hundreds of thousands to maybe even millions. They had no immunity. What do you think a full lock down is going to do? Diminish immunity.

3) The virus predominantly afflicts seniors and people with pre-existing medical conditions more severely than average joe or jane. That is scientifically summarised by medical practitioners, not vultures (oops media), fact. As found in Italy, as example, where apparently over 95% of those who died of COVID had pre existing medical conditions (like high blood pressure).

Anyone with a medical background (or just good old common sense) knows the backlash of responses (such as lock down) is going to kill more people - mental health, job loss, etc. - than the virus could.
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Full Lock Down - For or Against?
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