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Can getting bullied and bitterness cause someone to lose all hope?

When I was 6-8 years old, I recalled being a normal girl playing with her dolls, the dollhouse, imagining meeting the right guy someday and having a kid one day. I saw a picture of myself as a happy 6 year-old holding a baby girl. Those were my most innocent years. My heart was full of love, faith, hope and optimism.

Then things went sour afterwards:
My parents constantly having horrible argument and displaying violence towards each other, getting bullied at school from ages 9-13, hating those school years, my crush not defending me against the bullies (he joined in too), not developing more social skills, etc.
I was probably 12-13 years old the day I officially didn't believe in anything, declared myself faithless (began hating and mocking anything to do with hope and miracles, anything that science can't explain) and disinterest in children. At that very same moment I lost faith, my maternal instincts and desires for children completely shut down for many years. I never wanted kids since and wished to never get pregnant. In even I would say to myself that I would happily abort the brat.

Then getting separated from my love when I was 20 and my mother displaying extreme antagonism in that relationship made me further reconfirm my stance that miracles doesn't exist, never did. Then suddenly at the age of 28 (I'm now 33), my desires for children came back. It's only recently that I'm questioning my previous stance. Sometimes I see myself resuming back to former self. But honestly, can bad or traumatic events made you change your views on life all together? To the point you turned bitter and lost all hope.
Can getting bullied and bitterness cause someone to lose all hope?
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