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Annoying neighbors?

So we live in a trailer park. And this is my first year I've spent in one. It's pretty nice. Not like what tv makes it look like lol. But anyways this old couple that's not from here (probably snowbirds) moved right next to our lot. At first they were too friendly like scary. That was a little annoying but whatever. But since they've been here it's gotten more and more annoying. NO ONE ELSE in this trailer park does this. They will have people over and they sit outside for like 8 hours. literal 8 hours spent outside. And just talk loudly the whole time. And Just the door slamming shut every 2 minutes. It's fine to do that... but this lady talks LOUD SOOOO LOUD. I'm home during the day if I try to sleep or focus on something it gets interrupted by her loud voice. I can here thier 8 hour conversation from my trailer with the tv turned up. Then they clean out all their stuff and throw it on the yard every other day! I'm so confused... it's arizona it's hot af right now but they don't mind sitting out there all day. And then they are nosy as hell. My boyfriend finally gets home and they are quiet and gone... what can I do? Last weekend they were gone and it was so peaceful. They do this everyday and then give us a 2 day break... but during the week when I'm tired and working from home they disrupt me.
Annoying neighbors?
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